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How To Choose a Publisher

If you are here, you have finished the first draft of your book and Authors Gully would

like to congratulate you on accomplishing the first major step, yes we said first because

there are so many more steps to finally give the world the gift of your book.

The next step after writing your book is to find a publisher that will publish your book

and also cater to your additional requirements.

Choosing a publisher is not an easy task, and there are a dozen things to keep in your

mind before you choose a publisher for yourself.

First, you need to choose between two distinctions of publishers- Traditional Publishing

Houses and Self Publishing Houses.

Traditional Publishing is the process of a book being published by an established

publishing house with a team of professionals who assist with the book design, sales,

marketing, and many other processes involved in publishing your book.

On the other hand, Self Publishing is the process of a book being published by the writer

themself generally through Self Publishing houses.

There are benefits to both forms of publishing and there are some cons attached too.

Traditional Publishing gives the author the authenticity of getting their work published

from a renowned publishing house but along with that, it involves reaching out to these

publishing houses and getting a deal with them, because these publishing houses receive thousands of requests and manuscripts and them accepting your manuscript is very difficult. Secondly, publishing through these houses is a very long process and it might take years of work to get your book published. Thirdly, the royalty that the authors

receive is less as compared to self-publishing your book.

Self Publishing is a very good option for new and budding writers who want the world to

witness their work as it takes less time and effort to be able to become a Published

Author. The question of proofreading and book cover designing comes up as Traditional

Publishing Houses provide these services but many Self Publishing Houses provide these services with some additional costs.

When you are done with choosing between the two forms of publishing you are to choose between different publishing houses.

While choosing between Traditional Publishing Houses, we generally look at the type of

books that the houses publish educational books, fiction or non-fiction and we narrow

down to the houses with what matches the genre of our book. And then we send out

emails to as many Publishing Houses as we can and wait for them to reach back to us.

Self Publishing houses on the other hand are trickier, the availability of numerous

self-publishing houses in the market and the numerous packages that they provide can get overwhelming, but that is where Authors Gully drops in.

Authors Gully helps budding writers, authors, academicians and whoever wants to get

their book out into the world through the medium of self-publishing. We work closely

with our clients and help them throughout their publishing journey. From helping them

choose the best self-publishing houses for their books to getting them the best offers on

their packages, Authors Gully does it all.

The world needs love, peace, knowledge and education and writers have the power to do it because we have the gift of words. So let us play our parts in making the world a better place by giving it the gift of our books.

Let’s make the publishing journey as relishing as possible because it is supposed to be

that way.


Oct 13, 2021

Amazing read! 💯


Oct 13, 2021

Very informative!

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