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Is Authors Gully a Publishing House?

No. we are not a publishing house. We are an umbrella covering all the leading publishing houses in India which we use to curate your customized list of publishers with.

Does Authors Gully Charge for publishing consultation?

No! Authors Gully does not charge authors for publishing consultations.

Does Authors Gully help authors to get discounted publishing deals?

Yes! Percentage of discounts depends on nature of book, publisher and service required.

Can Authors Gully help published authors in promoting the books?

Yes! We can help you to organise book launch, book reading sessions and get your book reviewed.

Does price of a package depend on the number of pages?

No! It depends on services required.

Do I need to make the full payment while signing an agreement?

No! You can pay in EMIs, too,

How much money do I need to spend to get my book published?

It starts from four digits amount and goes to six digits amount.

Can Authors Gully help me to get published with traditional publishers?

No! Traditional publishing houses follow their own processes to pick & choose best manuscripts.

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