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Debunking 5 Myths Related to Self-Publishing

In the dynamic world of publishing, self-publishing has emerged as a viable avenue for authors to bring their stories to life. However, misconceptions and myths often surround this alternative approach. Let's unravel five common myths related to self-publishing.

  1. "Self-published books are of lower quality." This myth couldn't be further from the truth. Self-publishing empowers authors to maintain creative control and hire professionals for editing, design, and proofreading, resulting in high-quality books.

  2. "Self-publishing is expensive." While traditional publishing involves hefty upfront costs, self-publishing offers flexible options to fit various budgets. Authors can choose from a range of affordable services and platforms that cater to their specific needs. Aggregator platforms like Authors Gully has been helping writers to connect them with the publishers as per their budget and requirements.

3. "Self-published books don't sell." Successful self-published authors like Andy Weir ("The Martian") and E.L. James ("Fifty Shades of Grey") have shattered this myth. With effective marketing strategies and a strong online presence, self-published books can achieve remarkable sales figures.

4. "Self-published authors can't get recognized." The digital era has opened doors to global recognition for self-published authors. Through innovative marketing, networking, and participation in writing communities, self-published authors can gain visibility and connect with readers and industry professionals. Authors Gully has helped many authors to establish themselves as brand by helping them launching book, organising book reading session across India.

  1. "Self-publishing lacks legitimacy." Times have changed, and the stigma surrounding self-publishing is rapidly fading. Many readers and industry insiders now recognize the value of self-published works, making it a legitimate and respected path for authors.

In conclusion, self-publishing is an empowering and legitimate option for authors. By dispelling these myths, aspiring writers can make informed decisions, embrace self-publishing, and share their stories with the world.


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