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Top self-publishing houses in India

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

In the dynamic landscape of Indian publishing, self-publishing has emerged as a potent avenue for authors to bring their literary dreams to life. These platforms offer authors the freedom to publish their work without the traditional gatekeeping of mainstream publishers. Here are the top 10 self-publishers in India curated by Authors Gully that have played a pivotal role in this revolution:

1. **Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP)**: Undoubtedly the juggernaut of self-publishing, KDP provides an easy-to-use platform and global reach through the Kindle Store.

2. **Notion Press**: Known for its comprehensive suite of services, Notion Press assists authors from manuscript to market, including editing, cover design, and distribution.

3. **Pothi**: A pioneer in Indian self-publishing, Pothi offers a range of customizable publishing solutions to suit every author's needs.

4. **Partridge Publishing**: Backed by Penguin Random House, Partridge offers a blend of traditional publishing expertise with self-publishing services.

5. **BecomeShakespeare**: With a focus on quality, BecomeShakespeare supports authors with professional editing and marketing services in addition to publishing.

6. **White Falcon Publishing**: This platform stands out for its flexibility, providing authors control over their publishing journey along with distribution services.

7. **Leadstart Publishing**: Combining the best of traditional and self-publishing, Leadstart offers authors a platform to showcase their work to a global audience.

8. **Clever Fox**: Clever Fox is dedicated to nurturing talent by offering a range of services, including editing, design, and distribution. They are one of the fast growing publishers.

9. **Zorba Books**: Known for its personal touch, Zorba Books empowers authors with a range of services and expertise in marketing their books.

10. ****: A trusted name in Indian self-publishing, provides a range of services and a platform for authors to reach readers worldwide.

These self-publishers have not only democratized the publishing process but also paved the way for diverse voices and genres to find their audience. Aspiring authors can now embark on their literary journeys with confidence, knowing that these platforms are there to support and champion their work. With the right choice, every author has the potential to make their mark on the literary landscape of India and beyond.


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